Senior Software Engineer


Football Radar 

Employer ········· Football Radar
City ························· London 🇬🇧
Type ······················· Full time
Salary ··················· Competitive

At Football Radar, we analyse and predict football matches. Working as a Senior Software Engineer, you will be leading the development of the software that makes that possible - everything from modern web applications to statistical models, real time data platforms to cloud infrastructure.

Our software engineers are involved in everything the company does and deal with all kinds of different challenges. Most of our backend code is built in Scala, with a little C++, Python and PHP scattered around our suite of apps. Our frontends use modern JS frameworks and tooling, including React and TypeScript.

You don’t need to be an expert in any language for this role, however: we’ll help you learn what you need to know. We are just looking for great engineers who are passionate about their work. If you like a challenge, and want to work with really smart people, we would like to hear from you.


  • Excellent programming ability

  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • Experience of working with web applications

  • Available to work in the UK

  • Computer science degree, or equivalent knowledge

  • Full stack development experience


  • Masters degree

  • Distributed systems proficiency: Jenkins CI/CD, Kubernetes, AWS Cloud

  • Functional programming knowledge

  • An appreciation for UX, usability and user-centred development

  • Passion for football or statistical models


We have a polyglot and diverse engineering team. Some have a background in start-ups, some in academia, some are refugees from the bureaucracy of finance. We tend to work in small teams, rotating around as projects evolve. The atmosphere in the team is really important to us, and our software is a collaborative effort. Anyone can bring ideas to the table, and the best idea wins.

We like to experiment, because that’s how we learn. We try not to be precious about technology: we want to pick the best tool for the job, and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We each plan our own time, and work the hours that suit each of us best.

Our recent projects have included: simulating millions of minutes of football; modelling player performance; backtesting new ideas for our statistical models; web applications for our analysts to record brand new information about football matches; real-time data processing from external sources; real-time pricing based on in-running football model; and complex live-updating dashboards to monitor trading systems

We don’t have a big, long-term corporate career plan or in house learning programme, but we do want our developers to be passionate and engaged. We’ll pay for any conferences, training courses or books you’re interested in. If there’s something you want to learn, we want to help.


  • Competitive salary that is reviewed regularly, with an annual bonus option

  • 33 days holiday (includes bank holidays)

  • Competitive contribution match pension

  • Flexible hours and working conditions

  • Choice of your own development kit

  • Paid learning and development opportunities

  • Private medical insurance

  • Subsidised lunch

  • Ongoing intellectual challenges

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