Post your job ad on SpammedIn or your average job board and some people might read it. Post your job ad on and the right people will really read it. 

The bad news is SpammedIn and all the big job portals have zero job listings for people who are looking for an alternative career path.

The good news is is where these folks find career changing opportunities within the football industry.

1. You have a direct contact for your listing.

What this means is you’ll be dealing directly with the Founder (that’s me, Miguel), you’re not just a number or a KPI.

2. This is a niche, fully human-curated job board built for the rest of us who love football. 

As a matter of fact, ALL job posts are hand-verified & posted by me, @_miguelferreira.

Who am I? I run a copywriting agency.

I’m a marketer and a copywriter turned Indiepreneur.

I’m the guy behind a few indie projects like Creative,,, and

I also happen to be a big football fan (Hint: glorioso Benfica fan here) who spotted a business opportunity.

3.Spend a hell of a lot less time wading through hundreds of irrelevant applications.

And never pay again over €1k for a job listing that only guarantees you ONE thing: A tsunami of irrelevant job applications.

Because with Dream Football Jobs you'll reach a curated network of over 3,090 talented professionals. Including Marketers, Designers, UI/UX designers, data scientists, software engineers or anyone looking for the alternative career path that truly calls to them.

4. You can post for free and wait. Or pay €59 per job post and you’ll get more than you paid for.

✓ Submit a Free job listing. Live in 2-3 weeks.
✓ OR Pay €59 and your job post live goes live in 24h (all job listings are hand-verified by Miguel, that’s why they take 24h to go live).
✓ Duration = 40 days.
✓ Included in weekly newsletter.
✓ Covered by 40 + 40 guarantee.

How to submit a job post:

2. If approved, you'll get a Stripe payment link so you can proceed and pay 59€. I'll email you all the details.

3. You pay 59€ and your job post will go live in 24h. That’s it. 

40 + 40 guarantee

If fails to drive at least 1 decently creative, brave, talented professional to submit a job application to your job opening within the next 40 days, I’ll re-run your listing again for another 40 days (For free, no questions asked) OR your next job listing is free. You decide. Just email me and consider it done.”

- Miguel Ferreira, Founder of